PASHA & NICK // September 9, 2019

“I simply cannot recommend Grand Occasions highly enough! They were kind, friendly and incredibly effective at their job. They took away any possible stress the day could’ve brought and made it a seamless and memorable event that my husband and I enjoyed thoroughly. They were able to think quickly on their feet, and manage the flow of the day and the coordination of vendor deliveries. I cannot imagine getting married without having these incredible ladies watching over everything! They made it that much better!”

RACHAEL KAYE // Wedding Photographer

“As a wedding photographer, I work with MANY planners and this group is by far the best group of planners in the area! They go above and beyond for their clients, are detail AND big picture oriented and really made sure my couple had the BEST DAY EVER. I will now recommend them to EVERY couple I photograph. Can’t wait to work with you all again.”

TRACY & ROD // August 11, 2018

We cannot say enough good things about Grand Occasions! We hired them for our day-of coordination and they did a beautiful job. They made the day completely stress-free for me and my husband. They are so much fun to work with and the epitome of professionalism. Sarah and Monica really listen to you and do everything they can to make sure your wedding meets all your expectations. They are incredibly good at what they do. If you are looking for a team to make your wedding day perfect, definitely hire Grand Occasions!

LAURA & DAVIO // October 14, 2016

“You will not be disappointed! Sarah, Monica + their team were the best decision I made to have help me with wedding coordination. Their professionalism, talent, and support were what got me through the last month of planning. I am so grateful that they were recommended to me, and had my wedding date available. They are dependable and always available to lend an ear. My day went so perfectly, and I know it is because I had Grand Occasions on my side!”

KEVIN // Father of 2015 Bride

“Monica, Sarah and their team were awesome! As father of the bride, I wanted someone to make my daughter’s special day as stress-free as possible. They came through and then some. They were very concerned about my daughter and making sure everything was just right for her. On the day of, they always were asking how my wife and I were doing and making sure we had everything we needed and made sure we didn’t have to worry about anything! These guys are the greatest!”

ALEXIANA & JAMES // July 17, 2016

“My wedding went without any issues at all and it’s all because of Grand Occasions. My husband is a wedding photographer as was his best man, and they both agreed that they had never seen a wedding run more smoothly before. We are so, so thankful for Monica and Sarah.”

KAYLA & AUSTIN // July 10, 2015

“We chose Grand Occasions to help us with our week-of wedding coordinating and they were truly heaven-sent in all they did for us that week and the weeks leading up to the wedding. They gave great suggestions for vendors in the area, helped keep us on track with our planning process, and were willing to meet with us any time we needed to. Monica and Sarah were friendly, fun and an absolute joy to meet with. They began taking over wedding responsibilities about a week and a half before the wedding date and told us not to worry about anything else for the rest of the week. They helped make the whole wedding week go incredibly smoothly and allowed us to enjoy our special day without having to worry about any of the details. I would highly recommend them to any couple wanting to have an organized, fun, and hassle-free wedding.”

CORI & COLLIN // August 10, 2018

“WOW WOW WOW!! Grand Occasions was absolutely AMAZING! They were there for not only me and my husband, but were with our families the entire way. We started meeting a few months out. They were willing to have a call with my mom who was largely planning the wedding with me, but ultimately let me have the final say and were our (Collin’s and I’s) advocates the whole time. They asked the hard questions, were not afraid to tell us what we could or should not do, and they were right about everything. They were so KIND and helpful! They also had an amazing relationship with all of our vendors; from flowers and decorations, to food. If there was timing that was off or someone needed/forgot something, I never knew because they always knew before myself or my family did. It felt like a dream and that we were royalty! It is clear that the entire Grand Occasions team loves what they do and who they work with. I’ve told many friends to work with them and cannot recommend them enough!”

KENDRA & BRAD // October 7, 2017

“We hired Sarah and Monica after they did an amazing job with Day of Coordination for my best friend’s wedding. I knew that their attention to detail and upbeat attitudes would ensure my day went off without a hitch, but what I didn’t know is that working with them in the several months before my wedding would be one of the most calming aspects of wedding planning. Every email and phone call we had with the GO girls made both my husband and I sigh with relief that such a professional and organized team had our backs and our best interests in mind.

We also hired Sarah to do our floral and I CANNOT say enough amazing things about her work on our ceremony arch, centerpieces, and bouquets. My jaw literally dropped when I saw my bridal bouquet – she had taken all of my Pinterest dreams and somehow merged them together into an arrangement that screamed “me”. I get so many compliments on her floral work when people see my wedding photos, and I could NOT have been more pleased with the quality for the price!

I spent a lot of time being nervous about our wedding day being perfect. But the truth is that no amount of planning can guarantee the universe will cooperate with you (hello crazy forecast!). The thing that ended up truly mattering is that we had a team of extremely efficient and caring people that we trusted to handle the unforeseen challenges of the day. Hiring Grand Occasions was absolutely the best money we spent on our wedding, and I believe the biggest reason why I was able to be fully present and enjoy making memories with my family, friends, and husband. If that wasn’t good enough, I heard countless stories from families and friends that had exceptional service from GO team members throughout the day, which made our day enjoyable for all. Thank you, Sarah, Monica, and the rest of the GO team!”

SARAH & DEREK // September 2, 2017

“Monica and Sarah were the absolute best coordinators I could have asked for! My wedding day went completely, 100% perfect because of them! I hired them for day-of coordination and they went above and beyond to make everything perfect! We had our wedding on Higgins Lake and they were willing to travel for us! My father in law officiated the wedding, and they also ran the rehearsal for us (since none of us knew what we were doing) and everything went so smoothly. The day before and day of the wedding they were available to me 24/7 with any questions and last minute details I could think of. The day of the wedding, everything I envisioned was perfect. They coordinated the ceremony and kept everything on schedule. They were so attentive to my husband and I’s needs and were always checking on us to see if we needed anything. We did all the decorating of the reception ourselves, so the day after the wedding I expected a lot of working taking stuff down. Nope! Monica and Sarah had already had everything boxed up and ready to be put in the car and taken home. I am an incredibly anxious person and an extreme perfectionist, so it can be hard for me to let go of control. But on my wedding day, I didn’t worry about a single thing and left everything in Monica and Sarah’s hands and it went perfectly! It was the wedding I always dreamed of since I was a little girl. I cannot say enough good things about them or thank them enough for everything they did for our perfect day!”

ELLIE & JOE // September 3, 2016

“These ladies seriously hit. it. out. of. the. park. for planning my wedding. This past year of meetings, phone calls, venue visits, vendor consults, tastings, decor shopping, and overall wedding planning couldn’t have gone more perfectly with Grand Occasions beside me. They made the planning process enjoyable and helped all my imaginative dreams, out-of-the-box requests, and completely original wedding theme turn out perfectly. I would recommend this team to anyone at any stage in the wedding planning process. These ladies know what they are doing, do it with charm, and become lifelong friends in the process. So lucky to have had them beside me as I planned and successfully celebrated my happily-ever-after.”

JONI // Mother of 2016 Bride

“Hire these gals now! My daughter got married this past weekend. Grand Occasions worked with her from the start. They included me in some of the meetings as well so I could keep up on what was happening. On the wedding day, neither I nor the bride had one thing to worry about. They handled everything with class and grace, which allowed my husband and I to greet guests and host the party properly without being frazzled and worn out. I love you girls and your team!! Remarkable people!”

NATALIE & GABE // September 2, 2018

“Where do I start with these ladies. With their spirits, that’s where. They love weddings and they love love and they will be your biggest fans. They are gushing with personality and hype and positivity, while also being so calm and composed and organized. A sort of last minute decision was to have these ladies also do our faux floral, in addition to all of my other decor. And it turned out amazingly. Our venue coordinators said that they have never seen the venue look so amazing. I changed my mind so much during the 18 months of our engagement and they never got annoyed or short or frustrated with me. I felt like I could talk with them and share my thoughts and dreams and ideas. They were also so down to earth so when things like financial expenses and difficult family members were brought up, they already got it. My husband and I planned our whole wedding, including the entire ceremony. To have rockstars sprinkled throughout the venue who told us when to walk and where to be and when to start our dances and our toasts and our entrances made the day effortless. The day after the wedding my husband and I both said about 15 times, weren’t the GO ladies amazing?!?! Most importantly, by having the GO team, our guests were able to be just that-guests. I didn’t need to ask anyone to get to the venue early and set things up or pack up our car at the end of the night or tear things down. In summary, we love them and we know you will too.”

SARAH & MIKE // December 31st, 2016

I LOVED planning our wedding. As much as I obsessed over every detail of our vintage-inspired, NYE celebration, I knew I didn’t want to worry about a single thing on our wedding day. I also knew that since I was planning from afar, I would need some on-the-ground assistance from people who just got it. Insert Grand Occasions. From our very first conversation, Sarah and Monica made me feel like the world’s best bride. They were as giddy as I was for every last detail, and their attention, belly laughs, and excited compliments made them fast friends. On the day of the wedding, Sarah and Monica executed my vision like it was their own. Walking down the aisle and then into our reception felt like waking up in a dream. Everything they did – from managing vendors, to flipping our ceremony/reception space in mere minutes, to engaging with guests and cutting pie – was perfect. I know they solved a million little problems that I’ll never even know, and they did it all while appearing to have the time of their lives. Sarah and Monica are planners and party people. They’re strategists and doers. They’re like your best friend and the world’s best employee, all wrapped into one perfect package. They’re the kind of stress-relieving anomaly you thought didn’t exist. Hire them. It will be the very best money you spend on your beautiful day.”

STEF & JASON // October 25, 2014

“We were blessed to have Grand Occasions at our wedding…I cannot even imagine trying to get through the day without their help! They were available for us the entire day and because of their help, our wedding day was flawless. We knew from the first consultation that we found the perfect team. They listened to all of our ideas and offered timely suggestions and provided valuable insight that we would have overlooked ourselves. They mediated between us and our photographer and our caterer. They relieved so much of the stress and burden along the way. Grand Occasions was available on the day of our wedding from the very beginning, working to make sure all the large items were in place, and to make sure all the fine details were addressed. After all of our conversations with them, they really understood our vision and desires and made it happen! The duo has a professionalism that is unrivaled, but also a friendliness that broke down any ounce of stress we were feeling. We recommend Grand Occasions to anyone looking for a professional and amiable team to take the burden of stress from the entire wedding planning process or even just the pressures of the wedding day. They were more than we could have even anticipated! They helped make our wedding day one to remember for the rest of our lives!”

BRENDA & DEAN // July 10, 2015

“Grand Occasions was my life saver! As I was planning my Grand Rapids wedding from Arizona, Sarah and Monica were my right hand (wo)men. Anything I needed and any questions that I had I asked and they gave me immediate responses via email and/or phone. Grand Occasions had great advice on how to save money for small things such as decorations and lighting, which goes a long way financially. Without their organization, I don’t know what if I could have pulled off the rose garden wedding that we had. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help with wedding planning!”

JENNIFER // Owner of America’s Bride

“These ladies are wonderful to work with. They have lots of energy, they listen, and they take care of all the details I didn’t even think about. Highly recommend.”