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My Silky Floral Pajamas, the FOB, and the Pastor

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So there I was, in my silky floral pajamas and slipper booties, going over the reception layout on wedding eve with the bride, her bridesmaids…and her father…who also happened to be the officiant. But for the sake of all things Grand Occasions, let me start from the beginning.   Stefanie Manzer may be one of the most beautiful and generous people I know. I was living with her and her cousin before Grand Occasions was even a thought in anyone’s mind and it was about that time she started falling for an incredible man named Jason. Fast forward a few lovely months, and they (like most people who are bitten by that crazy love bug) decided to spend the rest of their life together. Jason proposed, Stef said yes, and the planning began!   Stef collected empty wine bottles, we found her wedding dress, and Grand Occasions was hired to…

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All That Glitters

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We are pretty confident that behind every great business, there is an incredible graphic designer. Ours is Catherine. She’s absolutely everything, including our new best friend. Re-branding takes patience, ya’ll, especially when you’re dealing with two high-strung perfectionists like ourselves (three cheers for Cat, everyone!). When Monica and I started this adventure a little over a year ago, we had no idea what we were doing. Grand Occasions was a pipe dream on our notebooks in the back corner of Clique Coffee Bar. We were two twenty-somethings with crappy day jobs and empty bank accounts who wanted to do something great. I wanted creativity, she wanted organization, I dreamed of wedding colors and floral arrangements, she dreamed of timelines and spreadsheets. And, being the hopeless romantics that we are, we both dreamed about playing a vital role in happy couple’s love stories. So here we are, 13 months and 11 days…

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