Three Ways to STRESS LESS During Wedding Planning 

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Hi friends! Sarah here. As many of you know, I am planning my own wedding this year, and it has *ironically* not been my favorite. Turns out, it’s a lot easier to do this stuff when you’re not emotionally attached to every teeny tiny detail. Shocker. The other day my maid of honor said, “try not to stress too much.” And I casually thought to myself, “EASY FOR YOU TO SAY, WOMAN!” But then I got thinking….there have been some definite things that have helped me manage the stress and pressure throughout this whole process. So, for those of you currently entwined in planning your own nuptials, I wanted to share. I hope the tips below help you! And the next time I complain about the stress of planning my wedding, remind I wrote this whole blog about how I “stressed less” and make me re-read it, ok? Ok. Here we…

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Passionately Detailed, Fiercely Loyal Floral Designer & Grateful Team Member

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Hello loves! Does that above description actually make sense? Don’t worry, I’ll explain more below. Ellie here, cluing you in on who I am and how I came to be a part of the amazing team that makes up Grand Occasions! For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a wedding planner. Like ever since I had memories, weddings were always my end goal. So naturally every romantic comedy, every lovey dovey holiday, each and every romance story, and all the weddings I either attended or was a part of, I was obsessed. During any wedding, you can best bet I have big, fat happy tears rolling down my face. So I thought, what better dream job than to work in the wedding industry with the ultimate goal of becoming a full time wedding planner? I had always been told growing up that I was…

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Meet Professional Vow Writer, Katelyn Stanis!

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“Michigan girls are home grown goodness.” -Katelyn Stanis  I heard Katelyn share about her business on a podcast for wedding professionals and was instantly inspired by this intentional, goal oriented, bride-loving entrepreneur. So, I then did what any classy wedding planner would do…I hunted her down on Instagram and DMed her. Weeks later, during a long video chat, I got to know this incredible woman, her business, and her passions.  One thing you have to know about Katelyn is that she is the real deal. She is devoted to her business and her clients in a tenacious and inspiring kind of way. She has the biggest goals and the biggest heart, and she loves her job. A naturally creative and strategic person, she graduated with a journalism degree…and a healthy infatuation with the wedding industry. Her business, Wedding Words, started a year and a half ago, in the most personal…

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7 Tips For Saving Money in Your Wedding Budget

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What is the most bittersweet part of planning a wedding? The budget. Yuck. We hate that word too. Even though this topic isn’t fun, it’s one of the most important topics in cultivating your wedding day. Rentals, floral, formalwear, catering, photography, and other vendor prices can become overwhelming and far more than you had ever hoped to spend! In this blog, us GO girls are hoping to shed some light (and coveted tips) on how to have the perfect wedding without having to sacrifice all your mula. Tip #1: Faux/Silk Floral Now we know what you are going to say…of COURSE they’re pushing faux floral on me (hey, we are lady bosses running a business here!) but the facts are in the numbers, y’all. Faux floral can significantly cut down on your floral budget (which historically takes MOST of the overall wedding budget), and give you a look that stays…

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3 Tips for Your NYE Make Up

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Say “hi” to our favorite beauty expert, Jen, of JGS Beauty Co! Jen does the most fabulous job with makeup for so many of our brides, so we asked her to take over the blog with some tips for the sparkliest night of the year, just for you! Hi beauties! I’m Jen, and I’m obsessed with true crime, mexican food, Bravo reality TV, and of course, all things fashion and beauty. Oh, and I’ve always been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve. As a kid I liked it cause I got to stay up late, eat snacks, and watch tv. As a teen I fell for the romantic idea of a fresh start, and the bravery that comes with the end of something and start of something new. The first time I watched “When Harry Met Sally” (one of my all time favorite movies), I was completely obsessed with the final…

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Jess Fields – Knots of Love Studios

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This girl is doing it so right. She’s hustling hard with her creative self and making the most wonderful things for women to wear, hang on their walls, and hold their plant babies. Meet Jess Fields: Senior Web Designer by day, Professional Macrame Creator by night. We bonded over FaceTime earlier this week and OH MY WORD she is amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about her fabulous business. When I asked Jess how Knots of Love Studios all started she answered, “basically I have two cats that wanted to kill themselves by eating plants.” And I laughed out loud as she proceeded to turn her computer and showcase her windowsill FULL. OF. PLANTS. Yep, total plant and cat mama. She explained that she had to put her plants on the windowsill so her cats couldn’t eat them. As she continued to accumulate plants (as a good…

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Meredith & Mark | May 19, 2018

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Talk about a bombshell bride and a perfect half-rainy day. That about sums it up. May 19th began with rain, just like the day before and the day before that. But it just COULD NOT rain on this day. This was Meredith & Mark’s wedding day. These two met at U of M and went from best friends to more than friends to “let’s get married.” Meredith was a nurse, and had this strawberry blond/red hair thing going on that we just couldn’t get enough of. Mark was quiet and smart and just plain adored Meredith. That was all we needed to know. They were wonderful and classy and so full of love. So, as you can see, no rain today. As Monica and I set out chargers, nearly killed ourselves helping assemble a floral arch, and squueeged (yes, that’s a word now) off of the brick courtyard we just…

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What’s Ahead for GO?

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Hi hi hi, it’s Sarah! There is a lot happening with Grand Occasions right now. But it’s all good things. Seriously, we’re so excited. As in SO EXCITED. You may have heard we have big news, and if you’re not on our email list, you have no idea what we’re talking about. Let’s see what we can do about that… This past year us three ladies (as in Monica, Ellie, and myself) have committed to working our full-time day jobs all while side-hustling Grand Occasions on our nights and weekends. Sometimes that got hard. Ok, sometimes it was downright crazy hard. But we love we do, and the brides that we serve, so every late night, early morning, 14-hour long Saturday was 100% worth it. And we REALLY mean that. This past year my day job was with CityFest West Michigan, and boy was it a wild one. For 12…

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How I Discovered My Wedding Style

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Boho. Classic. Steampunk. Whimsical. Ethereal. Traditional. Glam. Shabby Chic. Geez! Is your mind racing too?? There are a plethora of wedding themes and styles out there with more being cultivated every single day. What happens if none of the styles out there match your vision? What if there isn’t a cookie-cutter theme that perfectly encapsulates you and your fiancé? How do you go about creating a style all your own? What are the steps involved with making up a wedding theme that is all YOU? If you missed our blog “How to Find Your Wedding Style in 3 Steps” Blog, read that here. This is how I put those steps into action…  “What IS my wedding style?” This was my exact dilemma when planning my own wedding two Septembers ago. My now-husband, Joe, and I had a variety of interests and things we wanted incorporated into our special day and…

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How to Find Your Wedding Style in 3 Steps

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Hi! You made it! I know why you’re here so I don’t want to beat around the bush. For heaven sakes, you have a wedding in your future and a lot of planning with it! Here are the three things you need to consider before payments are made and contracts are signed. Without furthur a do: how to find your wedding style in three easy steps… 1. Write down your and your fiance’s priorities. Do you love the outdoors or do  you value cozy indoor spaces? What vibe fits your style? Are you wanting a more casual backyard feel or a traditionally formal affair? Do you want all the day’s events in one space or should there be two locations to celebrate at that day? The answers to these questions will start bringing together what your wedding style is. Don’t forget to think about your guests, and what you want…

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