our story

The company

Grand Occasions was founded in 2014 when Sarah and Monica realized that they shared an ambition to be a part of the wedding industry. This interest united them in the same desire: to utilize their passions for design and organization to make something incredible. That something incredibleturned into a wedding and event planning company dedicated to making every event a Grand Occasion.

Having been lifelong friends, it didn’t take long for them to find their stride. Even before the company’s official foundation, they had booked their first wedding. Since that first year, Grand Occasions has grown in its experience and offerings, ever-committed to going above and beyond for every client they serve. Whether it’s Month-of-Coordinating, Event Design, or Full Service Planning, this team has the talent, heart, and devotion to coordinate each and every occasion to perfection.

We exist to turn chaos into order, ideas into action,and events into occasions.

THE team

SARAH | Co-Owner & Designer

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but little did I know I would find myself in the world of weddings! Here, in this industry full of elaborate celebrations of love, I have found my soul’s desire: to create beautiful moments for lifelong impact. Through the colors, flowers, patterns, and textures, I become enveloped in every couple’s story. My passion ignites as we work together to express your journey aesthetically on your big day.

Monica | Co-Owner & Producer

I adore sitting down for a good latte and talking through your event in order to transform it into a flawless, smooth, and elegant occasion. I’m energized by those nerdy things like bullet-point lists, budgets, and itineraries, and I thrive when I’m able to combine my talent for organization, Type A personality, and love for love. Being able to organize your perfect day and make it a dream come true is the best job I could ask for. Read more about me here.

Ellie | Event Consultant & Social Media Coordinator

I am absolutely captivated by all the moving parts that create an event. From organizing details, brandishing floral, experiencing varied venues, designing memorable parties, and (my favorite) happily ever afters, I desire to capture it all! Being the Social Media Coordinator gives me the unique ability to digitally document, publish, engage, and showcase the incredible events we are invited to cultivate. I may have my nose in my iphone, my fingers furiously typing on my laptop, my eyes glued to the latest e-trends, but all of that and more goes into bringing you the social media behind GO!