Hello loves! Does that above description actually make sense? Don’t worry, I’ll explain more below. Ellie here, cluing you in on who I am and how I came to be a part of the amazing team that makes up Grand Occasions!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a wedding planner. Like ever since I had memories, weddings were always my end goal. So naturally every romantic comedy, every lovey dovey holiday, each and every romance story, and all the weddings I either attended or was a part of, I was obsessed. During any wedding, you can best bet I have big, fat happy tears rolling down my face. So I thought, what better dream job than to work in the wedding industry with the ultimate goal of becoming a full time wedding planner?

I had always been told growing up that I was an uber passionate person. I had an attention to detail that was seemingly unparalleled in elementary school and beyond (you mean to tell me that every first grader DOESN’T organize their markers in color and alphabetical order?!). As I grew and learned more about myself, I found that weddings and events were a way for me to have a creative outlet, which my personality very much needed. (I am most like a Type 6 on the Enneagram – take a read; it is literally as if that type was written as a handbook entitled “Hello, This Is Ellie. Welcome To My Brain”). I would begin to realize that being a part of the wedding industry would be “color” in my life, both literally and figuratively.

This realization first started in 2013, when I started working as a Wedding Consultant at Dunhill Tuxedos. Monica, Sarah, and I all worked at the Grand Rapids locations of this men’s formalwear shop. We all had a desire for the wedding industry and enjoyed what working in formalwear had to teach us about the wedding world. Little did we know that God had bigger plans for us! All of us working at the same small company would only be a launching pad for what was to come for our friendship and Grand dreams.

After Sarah and Monica started Grand Occasions in 2014, they would ask for my help planning for upcoming weddings and/or to do their grunt work on the wedding days (they won’t deny it) and I would eagerly agree to help each time. The more I helped plan, design, coordinate, and run these weddings, the more I fell in love with event planning! I would spend any of my free time from college, working at Dunhill, and spending time with my (now husband) Joe (sorry babe), cultivating Pinterest content, discussing trends, nailing down details, and getting excited for each new bride who entrusted us with her big day!

Over the years, Sarah and Monica approached me about becoming an official intern with GO, the social media coordinator, and, most recently, the head Faux Floral Designer AND one of the coveted three team members! After seeing these ladies pull off my own DIY greenhouse wedding with such grace, love, design, skill, patience, and talent, I was sold on their business and what it had to offer to as many brides as we could serve.

I have LOVED figuring out small business life with the GO Team. Each of us handles full time jobs, social lives, relationships, and a thriving small business (can I get an AMEN from all the other girl bosses out there juggling all the things?!). We have learned and grown so much together these past 4+ years. Through tears, hugs, ups, downs, engagements, weddings, and beyond we have been through it all…and I think that’s what makes us so strong and so different. We have fought for, prayed for, paid for, cried for, and worked for everything we have in GO and its success. God sure does love us! Working with these ladies has made it possible for me to find my true calling in wedding planning and to have a creative outlet where I can add to the beauty that is each and every event we are lucky to coordinate, whether Faux Floral, Month of Coordinating, Partial Planning, or anything in between.

So if you are on the fence about needing a wedding planner or just some super fun ladies to come up alongside you in this busy season of planning your special day, start here. You won’t regret it. We will put our entire hearts into making your big day as special as well can all while trying to make your Pinterest board a reality. We know what you need and we will have a darn good time dreaming it up with you.

Here’s to all things floral and hard work and happily ever after,



Photography Credit: Rachel Kaye PhotographyKatie Skinner Photo

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