This girl is doing it so right. She’s hustling hard with her creative self and making the most wonderful things for women to wear, hang on their walls, and hold their plant babies.

Meet Jess Fields: Senior Web Designer by day, Professional Macrame Creator by night. We bonded over FaceTime earlier this week and OH MY WORD she is amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about her fabulous business.

When I asked Jess how Knots of Love Studios all started she answered, “basically I have two cats that wanted to kill themselves by eating plants.” And I laughed out loud as she proceeded to turn her computer and showcase her windowsill FULL. OF. PLANTS. Yep, total plant and cat mama. She explained that she had to put her plants on the windowsill so her cats couldn’t eat them. As she continued to accumulate plants (as a good plant mama does), that ever-blessed window sill ran out of room. Thus began the “homemade plant hanger” Pinterest searches. And there it was – macrame plant hangers. Jess found herself in the world of fiber art. The rest was history.

Plant hangers turned into wall art and wall art turned into key chains and key chains turned into earrings (this is the part where I discovered Jess and freaked out on her over how annoyingly perfect her earrings are). There was something about creating tactile things with her hands…things that she could accomplish and meticulously do after starring at a computer all day. Through Youtube tutorials, continued Pinterest searches, and endless Instagram follows, Jess continued to learn and create more and more.


When I talked to her this week, she had just finished Grand Rapid’s biggest craft show, and her sales were above and beyond what she expected. Even more exciting: being in this craft show was her goal one year ago. GO, GIRL, GO. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part about her yet: Jess puts her heart and soul into every piece she makes. Her prayer in this entire journey was “please let these somehow have a positive impact.” She thrives on the fact that she gets to bring love into people’s homes and she puts her heart into everything she makes. Making people happy, teaching people her art, making new things – this is the good stuff. To bring texture and love into people’s lives.

Doesn’t this just make you love her? GAH.

Here are some final Q&A’s about this Jess girl that I’ll leave you with…

Me: “What are your future goals with Knots of Love Studios?”

Jess: “I would really love to get more involved in the wedding and creative community here in Grand Rapids! I see lots of opportunity for me to serve brides and thrive with other creative vendors.”

Me: “Do you have plans to sell your macrame online?”

Jess: “My hope is to have an Etsy shop in the next year!”

Me: “Any advice for someone just starting out in macrame or a side hustle of any kind?”

Jess: “Start small and don’t be so hard on yourself. Just have fun and it will grow.”

Words to live by.







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