Say “hi” to our favorite beauty expert, Jen, of JGS Beauty Co! Jen does the most fabulous job with makeup for so many of our brides, so we asked her to take over the blog with some tips for the sparkliest night of the year, just for you!

Hi beauties!

I’m Jen, and I’m obsessed with true crime, mexican food, Bravo reality TV, and of course, all things fashion and beauty. Oh, and I’ve always been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve. As a kid I liked it cause I got to stay up late, eat snacks, and watch tv. As a teen I fell for the romantic idea of a fresh start, and the bravery that comes with the end of something and start of something new. The first time I watched “When Harry Met Sally” (one of my all time favorite movies), I was completely obsessed with the final scene at the ball on NYE. Now, as a 20 something, makeup obsessed woman, I love to put on a sparkly dress, pop on fake lashes and a blinding highlight, and dance until dawn with my best friends.

Here are my top three tips to making your New Year’s Eve as fabulous as your 2019 is about to be.

1. Luscious Lips. 2018 has been all about the return of the gloss. These are not the thick and sticky glosses of the 90’s. But they are still (excuse the Lil Mama reference) poppin. If you want to have an all night dramatic lip, I recommend using your favorite liquid lipstick and then dab a little gloss in the center of your bottom lip and pat lips together to blend. This will make your lips look plump and full, while also making your liquid lip more comfortable, and who doesn’t want to bring in the new year with both comfort and beauty?

2. All Night Long. Whether your plans are dancing, a party, or even just a chill get together, NYE is a long event. That means your makeup needs to be able to handle several hours while still looking fresh and photo ready. Enter our hero…setting spray! Setting spray is the final step in a makeup look that gives a seamless finish and defends you from oil, sweat, and time. Urban Decay All Nighter is a classic that is truly amazing, but NYX and L’Oréal make some great drugstore options. Either way, find one you like and lock in your look for the night!


3. Shine Bright, Shine Far. NYE isn’t NYE without some glitter and sparkles. However, regardless of if you think you can pull a Tim Gunn and make it work, do not put anything other than cosmetic glitter on your eyes. It can lead to infections or a scratched cornea and who wants to start the new year with a nasty eye? Not cute! That being said, there are a ton of great options for a glitterific eye look for NYE. Just make sure to prime with a concealer or eye primer to give a smooth base, use a glitter glue with loose glitter, and visualize what you want the end product to be when you start. A sparkly inner corner can quickly turn into a 2nd grade art project if you don’t think it through. I would also recommend doing eye makeup first if you’re using any glittery shades, because there can be a lot of fallout, and the goal is to only has certain areas of your face channel a disco ball. Just clean up with a makeup wipe and then do your face makeup after and you’ll be golden.

Thanks for reading along for my tips for #NYE2018, and I hope that you have a fabulous night bringing in a beautiful new year!










Professional Photography Credit: Kylee Paige Photography

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