Talk about a bombshell bride and a perfect half-rainy day. That about sums it up.

May 19th began with rain, just like the day before and the day before that. But it just COULD NOT rain on this day. This was Meredith & Mark’s wedding day. These two met at U of M and went from best friends to more than friends to “let’s get married.” Meredith was a nurse, and had this strawberry blond/red hair thing going on that we just couldn’t get enough of. Mark was quiet and smart and just plain adored Meredith. That was all we needed to know. They were wonderful and classy and so full of love. So, as you can see, no rain today.

As Monica and I set out chargers, nearly killed ourselves helping assemble a floral arch, and squueeged (yes, that’s a word now) off of the brick courtyard we just kept looking up the clouds and praying. This outdoor ceremony HAD TO HAPPEN.

Cue the wedding day miracle: at 4pm the clouds parted, and the sun broke through and thus began a solid two hours of no rain. Enough time for the ceremony and for these INCREDIBLE pictures. That’s what we call answered prayer, folks.

Meredith & Mark were sparkles and sugar cookies, big band vibes and memories, family and tradition, humility and love. They were all the good things, and we got to be a part of it. We have the best freakin’ job.


Cheers to these two love birds. Wishing you a lifetime of sunshine and U of M sugar cookies. Here’s to your forever. 

Also, shout out to the dream team of vendors we were blessed to work with this day. Check them out below.

Here’s to half-rainy days and giant squeegees,





Photography: Kate Touzel

Day of Coordinating: Grand Occasions

Floral: Linnaea Florals & Events

Venue & Catering: Cascade Hills Country Club

Hair: Krystle Waivio

Make Up: Amway Grand Plaza

Band: Bluewater Kings Band

Linens: Special Occasions West

Cake/Dessert Bar: The Cakabakery

Chair Rental: Cascade Rental

Violinist: Susan Mora

Pianist: Dave Proulx

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