Hi hi hi, it’s Sarah! There is a lot happening with Grand Occasions right now. But it’s all good things. Seriously, we’re so excited. As in SO EXCITED. You may have heard we have big news, and if you’re not on our email list, you have no idea what we’re talking about. Let’s see what we can do about that…

This past year us three ladies (as in Monica, Ellie, and myself) have committed to working our full-time day jobs all while side-hustling Grand Occasions on our nights and weekends. Sometimes that got hard. Ok, sometimes it was downright crazy hard. But we love we do, and the brides that we serve, so every late night, early morning, 14-hour long Saturday was 100% worth it. And we REALLY mean that.

This past year my day job was with CityFest West Michigan, and boy was it a wild one. For 12 months I had the privilege of planning fundraisers, serving on committees, organizing two huge luncheons, and working with the most incredible team to pull off a two day festival in Grand Rapids with thousands of people. THEN, they asked me to be a part of CityFest East Texas. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. You read Texas. And you know what? I said yes.

This past year Monica has loved her day job at The Colossian Forum as well. She has loved it so much that she’s had to balance GO a little more than anticipated. So she’s redefining her role at GO a bit and excited to focus on 2019 brides and serve where she can behind the scenes. The goal is that whatever she gives to GO this next year, she is able to give 100%.

This past year we took on Ellie as a permanent team member. She took over our social media accounts, helped me with silk floral design, and took the lead on Month-of Coordination a wedding. And she was awesome…at all of it. Moving forward, I am so ready and excited and confident to hand Silk Floral Design over to her. Her husband, Joe, already made her a work bench, and she can’t wait to start designing for our 2019 brides and vendors with our beautiful blooms.

So here’s what’s next…

On November 4th I will be moving to Tyler, Texas for one year. Until Fall of 2019, all the way from the Lone Star State, I will be curating content for weekly emails, blogs, and social media. All my favorite things! I will also be onboarding as many 2020 brides as I possibly can, because (wait for it) my hope and dream and PRAYER is to come back to Grand Rapids in the Fall of 2019 and transition into Grand Occasions FULL TIME. Even as I typed that my heart got all jittery. This dream has been on my heart for so many years, and it’s scary to put it all there for … well, YOU. But, I have recently learned that there is something POWERFUL about saying your goals out loud. Especially when you’re saying them to a community whom you trust and who has shown you so much support. And that’s you, friend.

So there you have it. We know it’s a lot. We’ve personally been transitioning for two months behind the scenes, it’s still a lot for us. But, we’re in this together – for all the weddings and inspiration and creativity and encouragement and dreams. We are ready to serve you better than ever. We are here for you because you’ve been here for us for FOUR years…and many more to come. Amen?!

We know we say thanks a lot, but seriously thanks again.

God Bless Texas.




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Photo Credit: Rachel Kaye Photography

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