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October 2018

What’s Ahead for GO?

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Hi hi hi, it’s Sarah! There is a lot happening with Grand Occasions right now. But it’s all good things. Seriously, we’re so excited. As in SO EXCITED. You may have heard we have big news, and if you’re not on our email list, you have no idea what we’re talking about. Let’s see what we can do about that… This past year us three ladies (as in Monica, Ellie, and myself) have committed to working our full-time day jobs all while side-hustling Grand Occasions on our nights and weekends. Sometimes that got hard. Ok, sometimes it was downright crazy hard. But we love we do, and the brides that we serve, so every late night, early morning, 14-hour long Saturday was 100% worth it. And we REALLY mean that. This past year my day job was with CityFest West Michigan, and boy was it a wild one. For 12…

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How I Discovered My Wedding Style

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Boho. Classic. Steampunk. Whimsical. Ethereal. Traditional. Glam. Shabby Chic. Geez! Is your mind racing too?? There are a plethora of wedding themes and styles out there with more being cultivated every single day. What happens if none of the styles out there match your vision? What if there isn’t a cookie-cutter theme that perfectly encapsulates you and your fiancé? How do you go about creating a style all your own? What are the steps involved with making up a wedding theme that is all YOU? If you missed our blog “How to Find Your Wedding Style in 3 Steps” Blog, read that here. This is how I put those steps into action…  “What IS my wedding style?” This was my exact dilemma when planning my own wedding two Septembers ago. My now-husband, Joe, and I had a variety of interests and things we wanted incorporated into our special day and…

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