Hi! You made it! I know why you’re here so I don’t want to beat around the bush. For heaven sakes, you have a wedding in your future and a lot of planning with it! Here are the three things you need to consider before payments are made and contracts are signed. Without furthur a do: how to find your wedding style in three easy steps…

1. Write down your and your fiance’s priorities.

Do you love the outdoors or do  you value cozy indoor spaces? What vibe fits your style? Are you wanting a more casual backyard feel or a traditionally formal affair? Do you want all the day’s events in one space or should there be two locations to celebrate at that day? The answers to these questions will start bringing together what your wedding style is. Don’t forget to think about your guests, and what you want them to experience on your big day, and then think about the two of you. Come up with your overall vision and please dream big. Our Grand Occasions mantra is to shoot for the absolutely ridiculous, over-the-moon hopes, and then see how close we can land. Often your budget will determine how possible some of these dreams might be, but it’s good to know what your priorities are so you can allocate funds to the most important items!

2. Decide what unique aspects will help you enjoy and remember your wedding day.

Do you have to have those chocolate bacon donuts you can’t get enough of at that local corner shop as your wedding dessert? Or those signature cocktails that you’ll sip all night long? Is it a ceiling of edison bulbs under a starry sky or a dance floor packed with your favorite party people? Is it that breakfast for dinner buffet or the french fry bar during cocktail hour that will make your day memorable? Think about the pieces that will make your wedding uniquely yours, then find the vendors who can help you make that happen. At GO, we believe there is nothing better than a couple who brings personal touches to their wedding day. Those are the ones we never forget.

3. Dig into the details. 

We know, this might sound stressful, but we promise it’s not! We’re talking about fun details: Is there a little favor guests will walk away with that they can remember the day by? Are there certain colors, flowers, decor pieces that will help make this wedding more “you”? Are there any family photos or trinkets you want there? Any traditions you want to highlight? These things might be fun to brainstorm with your closest friends and family to see what they come up with. What can you highlight from your relationship on this day that will symbolize the start of your lives together? What will guests walk away with that will help them never forget this experience? *Non-traditional thoughts highly encouraged!*

So there you have it, the three things we encourage every couple to consider before they jump into planning. You need to know what is important to you, what will help make the day uniquely yours, and what details you can include that guests will never forget.

Believe it or not, this is some of our favorite stuff to brainstorm, talk through and even sketch out. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s grab coffee and talk all things wedding style!

Stay beautiful and hopeful and full of big dreams, loves!




PS – Our next blog in a couple weeks will be from Ellie and how she did this with her own wedding! Woot!


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Devin Hendrick Photography 
Faithful Photography 

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