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September 2018

How to Find Your Wedding Style in 3 Steps

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Hi! You made it! I know why you’re here so I don’t want to beat around the bush. For heaven sakes, you have a wedding in your future and a lot of planning with it! Here are the three things you need to consider before payments are made and contracts are signed. Without furthur a do: how to find your wedding style in three easy steps… 1. Write down your and your fiance’s priorities. Do you love the outdoors or do  you value cozy indoor spaces? What vibe fits your style? Are you wanting a more casual backyard feel or a traditionally formal affair? Do you want all the day’s events in one space or should there be two locations to celebrate at that day? The answers to these questions will start bringing together what your wedding style is. Don’t forget to think about your guests, and what you want…

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