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After “I Do”: Dress Decisions

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After “I Do”: Dress Decisions The gifts have been put away and thank you’s have been sent out. Whew..finally…your list of to do’s are done! Sorry to break the news to ya, but, there is one task to decide on… I got married July 30th of 2016 and my wedding dress was  still in its bag hanging up in the closet like 6 months later. Oops, at least I put it back in the bag? Ok, ok, I know that isn’t going to be good enough. Which prompts the question… What do you want to do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Ryan Inman Photography This conversation came up when I recently met with Monica and Sarah from Grand Occasions GR. Monica happened to bring up with question above – “So, what are you doing with your wedding dress now?”.  I already knew that I wanted to preserve my…

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