Yay! You’ve got something sparkly on your hand, the person you love by your side, and exactly no clue where to go from here. HELP.

Well, lady, rest easy. This blog contains the first three things to do after you’ve promised to say “I do.” These three steps will help lay the foundation for your wedding day, and get the ball rolling on that planning process! And, if it turns out you need some help along the way, you know where to find us!  


Yep. Sorry, your future mother-in-law was right. You need a list from each side of the family that includes who to invite, their address, and if they should be extended a “plus one” invite as well. Because so much is dependent on your guest list, we recommend starting off with a “List A” and a “List B.” As people on your A List cancel, you can invite someone of List B (and no one needs to know!). Knowing how many people you are accommodating at your wedding will allow you to start venue searching and budget formulating. Based on how many people you have, you’ll be able to know how much that per-person catering quote might look like, or how many tables and chairs you need to rent. That will determine how many centerpieces your florist makes and how many bottles of that fancy wine you order. So much depends on how many people you invite, so make sure this list is intentional, and you have exactly who you want surrounding you on your big day! Every wedding is unique (it’s why we love this industry so much!), but the average wedding boasts approx 150 guests, just for reference!


The worst, we know. This, much like the guest list, will determine everything. Before you can even look at a venue to book, or start a food tasting with a caterer, you need to know what price range you’re working with. This might be a conversation between both sets of parents, you, and your fiance. For those of you who find yourself on the lower end of the budget spectrum, just remember – a lower budget just means more creativity! (HINT: silk floral is approx ½ of the price of fresh floral…trust us: Silk Floral Design. We’ve got you covered). For more advice in this area, be sure to read Monica’s blog 3 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Budget.


Once you have the guest list and the budget settled, you need a date. Sometimes the date is dictated by what dates are available atspecific venues, but it’s at least good to have a few dates in mind that will work for immediate family, bridal party, and other important guests. Coming prepared to venue walk-throughs and vendor meetings with your date, guest count, and budget will save you so much headache in the long run.

We know you have a long (and fun!) journey ahead of you, but we know these first steps will help you start this process out right! You keep planning your dream day, and we’ll keep sharing our tricks of the trade. Excited to be a part of this engagement season with you!

Cheers to all those men who put a ring on it,





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