Hi there! I’m Monica, and I’m not sure exactly who I’m writing to, but I’m here to introduce myself to the G.O. Family and give you a glimpse into what it is I do for this beautiful business: Grand Occasions.

Here’s the very first thing you should know about me: I’m intense. *Insert dad joke about tents here* I’ve always been a very passionate, competitive, intentional and persistent person. The best way to truly describe who I am: Monica Geller (Friends) ← this will explain literally my whole life.

From a young age, my parents got me involved in my church, my school, and athletics and I loved every minute of it. The human interaction quickly became something I loved and thrived on. Sports is where I decided to land throughout much of my childhood, and folks let me tell you: I tried it all. (“Tried” being the key word there.) Ballet, basketball, soccer, volleyball…they all seemed to require hand-eye coordination and I clearly wasn’t gifted with that. After moving to a new school in 9th grade I decided to give cross country a try. Turns out ANYONE can run, you just have to be dedicated and THAT I could do. (I know this is a long backstory, but bear with me, it all will make sense soon!)

Track & Cross Country gave me some of my most cherished friendships, hardest life lessons, and of course a wicked watch tan line. Throughout high school and college, I was never the fastest, but I quickly learned that in a team, you need encouragers and people pushing you forward just as much as the people up front pulling you up! I became the encourager, the positive one, the one who high-fived after each workout. This sport taught me two main lessons: dedication and loyalty, no matter what. I still wasn’t the fastest, I still wasn’t the most talented, but I made sure that I was always 100% dedicated.

After I graduated, I suddenly had an extra 15 hours in my week and at a total loss as to what I should do with them. I found a job that I could survive, and spent my time with my friends, but there was an obvious gap in my time.  Then the good Lord brought Sarah back into my life and Grand Occasions was born!

Sarah and I quickly discovered we had two very different viewpoints on how to run a business, but one goal: to come alongside couples and be their support while they marry their true love. Sarah gave us experience in the wedding world, a dream-filled heart, and a creative spirit to tie it in a beautiful bow. I brought, in attention to detail, a business background, and the loyalty that running has taught me for the last 10 years.

We were quite the duo, Sarah & I. Our first year was filled to the brim with so many challenges! Some we took in stride and soared with…others we had to wrestle with until we figured out what was best for us, but each taught us more about who we are as a business.

So now the question is: What it the world does this girl even do all day? Good question. I have a day job for the time being, and I’m so very thankful for it! This allows me the opportunity to slowly pursue my dream and figure out what works, while still staying financially stable in this ever changing industry! After I’m done “workin’ 9 to 5” (I know you hummed along to that one), I meet Sarah at a coffee shop and we commence our real work. Most days for me, that means emails, budgets, business docs, scheduling, and talking through upcoming plans with Sarah.

This is the point of this whole blog (so listen up!): No one ever signs up for the day-to-day work of running a business, but this is where dedication comes into play. Work hard on the mundane days, so you can experience the spectacular ones. The days when a bride tells you how she met the man of her dreams and he swept her off her feet. The days when you show a couple it really is possible in their budget to “have their cake and eat it too.” The days when you pull the getaway car around for the grand exit and give the bride (and your now friend) a hug goodbye. That’s why I do what I do and why I love it!

So if you’re not a fan of the budgets, the timelines, or the research: no worries! I’m here to help with all of that, because at the end of the day love is beautiful and that is why I signed up for this gig. (That and the free cupcakes…SHHH!)

Here’s to all the planners out there, the dreamers with a side of reality check, and the type A organizers! You’re all wonderful and I’m proud to be in that club!











Photography Credit: The Fox & The Webb

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