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June 2017

An Extroverted Type A Girl Boss

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Hi there! I’m Monica, and I’m not sure exactly who I’m writing to, but I’m here to introduce myself to the G.O. Family and give you a glimpse into what it is I do for this beautiful business: Grand Occasions. Here’s the very first thing you should know about me: I’m intense. *Insert dad joke about tents here* I’ve always been a very passionate, competitive, intentional and persistent person. The best way to truly describe who I am: Monica Geller (Friends) ← this will explain literally my whole life. From a young age, my parents got me involved in my church, my school, and athletics and I loved every minute of it. The human interaction quickly became something I loved and thrived on. Sports is where I decided to land throughout much of my childhood, and folks let me tell you: I tried it all. (“Tried” being the key word…

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3 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Budget

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One of the most daunting tasks during the wedding process can be budgeting. It’s not as exciting as finding your dress, or as glamorous as designing your centerpieces, but it is an absolute necessity. When Sarah and I set our budget for 2017, I’ll be honest: It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it. Being upfront and honest about what you can accomplish with the resources you have is a very important part of any project, especially for us with Grand Occasions. After wrestling with the numbers for what seemed like an entire day, we walked away feeling knowledgeable, accomplished, and ultimately motivated for the next year. So ready or not, here are my 3 tips for getting down to the nitty gritty and creating a wedding budget: 1 – Set up a time to have the conversation. Unless you and your fiance are both SUPER into budgeting, Excel spreadsheets,…

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