Bridal Nails: Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Manicure

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What better Friday surprise than to have a guest blogger on our site?! Yes, that’s right, our very own Bethany Garcia is here to give you the 4-1-1 on getting your nails wedding-day-ready. Hailing from East Michigan and representing GVSU, Bethany has embraced the off-season and given SO much love to our social media platforms (check out our new and improved Pinterest)! She’s given 115% to each project she takes on and we count our blessings each day that we get to work with her.  Let’s give a warm welcome to our Christmas-Tree-Angel-Intern: Bethany! Here’s all her nail wisdom, from Bethany to you…



Bridal Nails: Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Manicure

Perhaps you’ve found the venue that only dreams are made of (Lizzie McGuire fans you know what I’m talking about) and maybe your skin is glowing from your recent facial, but look down at your nails…are they ready for the spotlight?

To the surprise of many brides, you should be prepping your nails months in advance! When it comes to those close up shots of your dazzling left hand, nothing distracts more than hangnails and dry cuticles.

Start Prep Early

While Glamour magazine recommends that you get your mani/pedi done 1-2 days before your wedding, it’s vital that you start preparing your nails at home weeks in advance. If your nails have seen better days, (or perhaps you’re an avid nail biter) it may take close to three months to grow them out. For fast-growing nails we recommend vitamin supplements! Look into adding extra Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or Biotin to your diet to help boost strong nails (and extra glowy skin!). It’s also never a bad idea to moisturize; it’s amazing what that stuff can do! If you find that your hands need a little extra love, apply a thick, creamy moisturizer and gloves before bed to awaken your most beautiful skin.

Pick Your Style

It’s totally up to you to decide what type of nails make you feel most beautiful and most importantly comfortable on your big day. If you love the look of long, perfectly-shaped nails, acrylic or gel manicures might be for you. If you love the look and feel of your natural nails with a simple coat of polish, then there is no shame in embracing that, too!


Gel & Acrylic

If you’ve never worn fake nails before then perhaps your wedding day is not the best place to start. We recommend trying out an acrylic or gel manicure a month in advance and then getting a fill before your wedding day as they can take some getting used to. Artificial nails often take a toll on natural nails and feel heavy or awkward at first, but they last so much longer (which can be great for honeymoon travel!).

However, shellac polish is a great alternative if you’re not ready for the upkeep and commitment of acrylics. You can get this long-wearing, chip-resistant coating at most salons now. Manicurists set this special polish with a UV light so it feels extra shiny and secure, but beware that it should be soaked off when the time comes to remove it.

Natural Nails

While a normal coat of nail polish will certainly do the trick, we think it’s important to test out your perfect shade first! Your skin tone, bouquet design, wedding ring, and dress texture all play a role in this decision.

For neutral nails that add sheen and sophistication, we recommend soft pastels or nudes. Essie’s Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle, Angel Food, Hubby for Dessert, or Tying the Knotie are all wonderful options that compliment almost any skin tone. OPI also has some beautiful bridal colors including Bubble Bath, Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs., I Do! I Do!, and Sweetheart.

When opting for a fresh coat of regular polish, we recommend getting your manicure done one or two nights before to avoid dulling (plus it’s never a bad idea to buy an extra bottle in the same shade to keep stashed away in your emergency kit!). You just never know when a chip will creep up, and you’ll be glad you have it to take with you on your honeymoon. You can always add an accent nail, glitter, rhinestones, or a pretty design to spice up your look, too!              

If color doesn’t feel right for you then we recommend opting for a French manicure. This classic look never goes out of style and you’ll be sure to impress guests as you hand model all day long.

Treat Yo’ Self

Lastly, we believe that you should treat yourself! These months of planning have been draining and painting your own nails is simply not worth the stress. Gather your girlfriends, mom, or maybe just yourself and head over to the salon for a little unwinding.

Every detail of your day has been orchestrated to perfection and we know that your heart is just singing in anticipation. Whether it’s artificial nails, natural nails, or bedazzled nails that call your name, you’ll be sure to thank yourself later knowing that you put in the extra preparation.




Now…who wants to go get their nails done?!






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