Small Business Saturday

Happy Small Business Saturday!

It has been so long since we blogged (don’t worry, we do have a few we are working on to post soon!), but I had to take a moment to pop in and share just a little something today.

Throughout GO’s existence, Monica and I have had the opportunity to meet so many small business owners, and get to know them on a personal level – some we even consider family. There are many things we have found to be true about these individuals who have dedicated their life to create something, although small in size, mighty in impact. Whether it’s our favorite florist, rental company vendor, or coffee shop owner, these are the people who are burning that midnight oil right alongside us. They know that if something needs to be done, it’s up to them to do it. Every single detail must be developed and executed by them. They are ever-aware of the fact that the service they provide to their clients today will determine their company’s success tomorrow.

These are the people we swap war stories with, receive encouragement from, and email into the wee hours of the morning. Our businesses are the very extension of who we are, and we are determined to give it everything we have.

So here’s to those of you who own a small business: trust us when we say we understand the fight you fight and the reward you reap. And to those who support our journey, who enlist our services, and buy our products, I raise my glass. YOU are who we work for.

So today, buy a coffee from your local small-town shop (where I sit and write this now), buy a blouse from the boutique on the corner, and stop into that little antique store – just to see what you can find. These are the places where people will learn your name, and never forget your investment.

Cheers to all those small business owners, their frequent shoppers, and all that midnight oil,





Photo Cred: The Fox & The Webb

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