Us “GO Girls” (as we are fondly referred to by some of our favorite vendors) sure have organized our fair share of sparkler exits. I must admit that we get a little persnickety in the execution, because achieving that picture-perfect moment is really not as “organic” as one might expect.


So here’s our very best advice on the subject…The 5 Must-Do’s For A Successful Sparkler Exit:


1. Talk to your photographer. 

Your photographer will of course want the day-of events, and the pre-approved shot list, but for a sparkler exit, a simple bullet point on paper is not enough. Take a moment to discuss where in the venue would be best to form the lines of guests, and what he/she recommends as far as how long the line of people should be. Will the get-away car be at the end of this sparkly tunnel? Do you want a kissing picture at the halfway point? If so, there may be a specific instruction your photographer has to ensure a good shot. Simply taking a few moments to work out these little details will guarantee that you and your groom are at ease and your photographer is fully prepared to get the shots you envision. Make sure your Day-of Coordinator is aware of the plan as well!


2. Invest in the long sparklers. 

Yes, these are the expensive ones, but we promise it’s worth it! There is nothing worse than trying to get a sparkler picture when half of the crowd’s sparklers are burnt out before the bride and groom even run through. Buying the extra long sparklers allows enough time for everyone in line to light their sparkler and get in position! This is something you don’t want to rush or “wing” the night of. We recommend the 36 inch length, like these from!


3. Buy plenty of lighters and designate who will be in charge of them.

The best way to get the entire line of sparklers lit at the same time is to make sure you have plenty of lighters, and people in charge of them. We typically pass them out to the groomsmen and give them the task of spreading themselves out evenly among the crowd with the goal of trying to light as many at the same time as possible. Don’t make the mistake of starting to light from one end, because to get the desired affect, you need everyone’s sparkler lit at the same time.  The amount of lighters needed depends on your guest count, but we like to see roughly about 10 lighters for every 100 guests.

4. Timing is everything. 

Throughout your wedding night, guests may start to dwindle, so make sure you have enough guests to make your exit memorable! Your Day-of Coordinator will be able to judge this, and can recommend if your exit time should moved up at all. Another factor is the amount of daylight you desire. We’ve had couples exit with sparklers at dusk, and couples who ran out at the stroke of midnight – just make sure to judge the crowd before you make your strategic getaway!


5. Get a bossy pants. 

As your guests move outside, someone needs to take charge in instructing them where to stand and which direction to make the line. Typically it’s your Day-of Coordinator or Wedding Planner who will make sure everyone knows where they’re standing, when to fire up the lighters, when to give a “thumbs up” to the photographer, and (the best part!) when to send you and your hubby on your merry way! And if you hire a Grand Occasions gal, we will also make sure everything is in your get-away car and the keys are in the ignition to get you to that honeymoon!


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