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July 2016

The 5 Must-Do’s For A Successful Sparkler Exit

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Us “GO Girls” (as we are fondly referred to by some of our favorite vendors) sure have organized our fair share of sparkler exits. I must admit that we get a little persnickety in the execution, because achieving that picture-perfect moment is really not as “organic” as one might expect.   So here’s our very best advice on the subject…The 5 Must-Do’s For A Successful Sparkler Exit:   1. Talk to your photographer.  Your photographer will of course want the day-of events, and the pre-approved shot list, but for a sparkler exit, a simple bullet point on paper is not enough. Take a moment to discuss where in the venue would be best to form the lines of guests, and what he/she recommends as far as how long the line of people should be. Will the get-away car be at the end of this sparkly tunnel? Do you want a kissing picture at…

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3 Secrets to a Flawless Rehearsal

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Way to go. Seriously – you did it! You have planned every last detail of your wedding from your fiancé’s sock pattern to your grand confetti exit, and you accomplished it all with both style and finesse. (Which is not an easy feat!) Now there is only one thing standing between you and your fairy tale wedding…THE REHEARSAL. This is one of the most overlooked parts of the whole planning process, yet one of the most crucial for the whole weekend. The rehearsal is so much more than a simple “You stand here, he stands there” process; it’s the first real chance for old friends in the wedding party to reconnect, new family members to meet, and your last moments to be with your fiancé before he becomes your hubby! So how do you make this “last priority” task a seamless beginning to your wedding weekend? Here are 3 secrets…

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