You’ve been picturing yourself in that perfect white gown ever since the first time you saw that fairy tale princess walk down her petal-dusted aisle. You’ve pinned 47,384 dresses on your secret Pinterest board, folded the corners of countless bridal magazines, and watched one too many episodes of that “Say Yes to the Dress” show (that makes us all way too emotional). Now…it’s your turn!

Here are 5 things you need to know before you embark on that journey into the enchanted forest of bridal gowns and begin your “Happily Ever After.”

1) Make an appointment.

You may not think that this is important, but we made this our number one point for a reason. Bridal salons appreciate the head’s up so they have the capability of pairing you with a consultant while you shop. Some salons even ask details about your wedding and style so that they can pair you with a consultant who is the best fit for your personality and needs. As a “walk-in” they will certainly attempt to give you as much attention as possible, but nothing beats that one-on-one help a professional can give you. This is especially important for Saturday shopping, as it is salon’s busiest day!

2) Be picky about who you bring with you.

Sometimes there is an immediate pressure to invite your mom, grandma, aunt, future mother-in-law, bridesmaids, cousins, your brother’s girlfriend, your neighbors…you get the picture. Our point is, bring the people in your life who you trust and feel most comfortable around, but don’t feel obligated. Sometimes a smaller entourage is better, less stressful, and more fun. So bring the ones who will tell you when something isn’t flattering, but who will also put aside their own personal preferences if you choose a gown outside of their particular taste or comfort zone. This is YOUR dress, so put together that special group of people who will know in an instant, just by the look on your face, that you have found THE dress.

3) Get rid of preconceived notions.

Be open-minded in this process. Time after time, a bride will walk in with a specific type of dress desire in one hand, and a style she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in the other. And, time after time, she walks out in that very dress she thought she loathed. Be open to different styles, cuts, and shades. And don’t judge a dress on a hanger. When in doubt, try it on!

4) Come prepared.

Think about what you are wearing on shopping day, and make sure it’s easy to get in and out of. Although most bridal salons will have proper bust supports, take your undergarments into consideration. You may also want to style your hair similar to how you will wear it on your wedding day, and think about bringing shoes and jewelry that you might pair with your dress. Anything that will help you achieve that “wedding day look” will help you envision exactly what each garment will look like in all its glory.

5) Trust your consultant.

They know the dresses in that store like the back of their hand. They’ve seen what works on different body types, and they’ll have a dress in mind before you even mention what you’re looking for. They might pick a “wild card,” but go with it. Be honest about the feel of your wedding, the styles you’re drawn to, and the budget you’re working with. They are there to help you, and they have a wealth of experience and storefront knowledge needed to find that dress of your dreams.


One bride summed it up perfectly this way,

“Don’t agonize, at the end of the day they’re all beautiful, just find the one that’s beautiful on you.”

Happy hunting, you beautiful bride, you!


Cheers to days filled with white satin, ivory lace, and (never too much) tulle,

the GO girls






Photo 1: Alyssa and Drew

Photo 2: Kassidy Rhodes Photography

Photo 3: Rachel Kaye Photography

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