Three Ways to Simplify Your Wedding

You’re engaged. You’ve finally met that special someone that you can’t live without. Now starts the implementation of all the ideas you’ve had since you were nine! The big white dress with the sparkle embroidered bodice, the gold rimmed chargers with navy blue napkins, the luscious green garden topped with a gorgeous floral archway. It’s all there….in your head at least.

You start bouncing ideas off friends and family members, email some potential venues, look at some color schemes for real; and then, without warning, it starts to become cloudy. Your once clear vision becomes a foyer for everyone to place their ideas at your feet and suddenly you can’t find yours anymore!

So let’s get back to the basics; to what YOU want. Here are 3 SIMPLE ways to bring back your day, the way you want it: simple.

1 – Stop asking for everyone’s input.
I get it, you want everyone to feel included, special, and valued; but you have to remember that this is your day (as cheesy as that sounds). Now I’m not saying you should completely ignore everyone you care about once you get engaged. However; you should limit how many topics you ask their opinion on. For example; don’t ask your aunt what kind of food you should serve (it opens up WAY too many questions). Instead ask her if you should go with the green beans or the broccoli dish. This narrows it down to simple questions so people can feel involved in the wedding, without giving them the opportunity to take over your entire day. You’ve got to be honest, even if you know it’s something they don’t want to hear (otherwise you’ll definitely hear about it down the road.)

2 – Stick with vendor recommendations.
If your photographer suggests a baker to you, you should take their recommendation VERY seriously. Trust me. We know there are good vendors and (as sad as we are to say it) there are vendors who would never make our “Grand Vendor List.” It will take you MUCH longer to find the good ones on your own. Trust vendor recommendations! They’ve worked together in the past and they know what works and what doesn’t. (That’s why we have preferred vendors!)

3 – Go with your gut.
You’ve done some research and you can see a potential DJ has good recommendations, but when you met for a consultation, something was just off. TRUST YOUR GUT. This can happen with any vendor. It’s not necessarily that they are bad, but they may not be the right fit for you. Each wedding vendor has their own style, their own way of doing things and their own unique flare. If you hire a vendor solely on ratings or pricing and ignore your gut feeling, you could be sorely disappointed on your wedding day.

You know exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t let anyone else tell you their way is better, or talk you into a vendor you’ve never heard of, or stray from what you believe is right for your day. Bring the day back to what it was originally created for: a celebration of your new marriage!


Cheers to all that simple love stuff,

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(Photo Cred: Alyssa Wagner Photo)


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