Just Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

I seriously can’t think of a time when Monica and I looked at each other and said, “Why are we doing this?” but I can remember a time or two (ok, maybe every-other day) when we look at each other and say, “HOW ARE WE DOING THIS?”


On any given day I can be found running around, coffee in hand, in one of my (most likely) 3 wardrobe changes of the day. If it was up to me, I would be working in my Grand Nook (the fabulous desk space in my room I’ve recently created – pics to come soon!), sipping my Costa Rican coffee, while networking with fellow wedding vendors, researching wedding trends, learning floral arranging, getting ahead on our social media, answering emails at normal times of the day, actually blogging at leisure, and the list goes on. As much as I love sitting here, blogging in my bed at 1:09am, sipping my hot cinnamon tea, and burning my banana nut candle, I can’t help but think about how many hours are left before I get to wake up and start all the craziness again. 


Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I cry in my car. Ok, I cry in my car a lot. And sometimes I call Monica on my way to meet her at our regular coffee shop and I say “I can’t work on Grand Occasions tonight, because I have to work on too many other things for the jobs that actually pay my bills!” And then I make her sit at a different booth than me, because if she’s too close she’ll pull me into all the things I actually want to be working on. This may or may not have happened two days ago.


It was as we were sitting at separate booths, and I knew that I was supposed to write this“Thanksgiving Blog” that I turned to her and said, “You’re going to have to write it…I’m not feeling very thankful.” Then, the next day, I realized something. So many people are looking for jobs – just any job…and I have three – four, if you include G.O. So what in the world am I complaining about? Sure, I get overwhelmed, but who doesn’t? In this day and age, if you’re going to follow your day dream of running a successful wedding planning business, you’re going to get overwhelmed. You’re most likely going to have times when you cry in your car because your head is yelling “YOU HAVE TO GET (insert task for one of Sarah’s many jobs here) DONE ASAP BEFORE YOU GET FIRED” while your heart is just yearning for you to do what you actually love.


And although we are thankful for jobs that pay the bills, we are more thankful for the people who believe in us and tell us so on a regular basis.


In the spirit of all things Thanksgiving, here is a list of these people in my life: 

— My mother. She always picks up the phone when I call, and always listens to me vent. And I vent a lot. Then she tells me that she’s proud of me…and I usually start crying again. She also prays for me every single day.

— Holly DeBoer. She owns GiGi & LaClede, an incredible vintage dish rental company in Grand Rapids, and she loves us. She has included us in so many of her projects, refers people to us all the time, and we use and abuse her beautiful dishes and generous heart.

— Nicole Risk. I nanny her perfect baby boy three days a week, and she lets me work on Grand Occasions while he naps. One time, when I was daydreaming in a longing and whiney sort of way, I said, “If Grand Occasions EVER gets to do a wedding in Tuscany…” and she cut me off, raised her pen in the air and said “WHEN! WHEN Grand Occasions gets to do a wedding in Tuscany…” I do realize that we may never do a Tuscany wedding, and I am really ok with this. But the point is, she thinks we will, and that means the entire world.

— Emily Betcher. She owns Faithful Photography. We text all the time, and we are total partners in crime. She took sassy headshots of us on the top of a parking garage in Grand Rapids, and we did a style shoot with her in a castle in Kalamazoo. We both spur each other on to greatness.

— My Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff. He started his own (extremely successful) business, and they tell me our business is doing great and will do great and to keep working hard.

— Steve Ripley. He owns Clique Coffee Shop (aka our office). He has been there from the very beginning and checks in on us often. He has been so generous to us, we could not be more grateful.


My friends, and friends of friends who have: modeled/helped with our photoshoots, gone to the parties we throw for our business, worked on our website, liked/shared our social media postings, give us legal advice, and have sacrificed our time together so we can continue to do this thing that we love. 


These are all people I don’t deserve in my life, and people who I don’t know what I would do without. We are so grateful for you, and thank you – today especially – for keeping our spirits high and our day dream alive. You are what spires us on to all the things Grand Occasions has, and will become. 
Cheers to Thanksgiving (and that perfect Tuscany wedding we’ll do someday),

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