4 Moments from "The Wedding Planner" that Actually Happen at Weddings


“So you’re like a real life J-Lo, right?!” Proudly we respond with, “Actually…YES!”  

It’s one of those things you always wonder about. Is it really like that? Is being a wedding planner really as glamorous as it sounds? Do you really meet the love of your life while
trying to save your precious Gucci shoes? Is it really better to just eat the brown M&M’s? And for the love of all things, how does her hair always look so darn perfect?! 

We’ve always been inspired by Miss Lopez and her amazing ability to make wedding planning look effortless. What a woman! (We totally have a little mini “wedding-planner-crush” on her style, grace, and pizzazz!) So we wanted to dish. Here are 4 moments in “The Wedding Planner” that actually happen in weddings.

1 – “You are exquisite. You’re timeless. And you have the love of a man named Steve. A man who, while you were away having meetings about mozzarella, said to me: ‘I can’t believe she picked me. I can’t believe I’m marrying the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.’ So that tells me that this marriage of yours is not only going to work, it’s going to last forever.”Pep talk


Remember that part of the movie when J-Lo has to give Fran (the bride) a pep-talk to reassure her that she really is in love, and looks beautiful and will live happily ever after? Well that’s a real thing. No, we may not say it in the “oh so elegant” J-Lo way…but we have on occasion, given pep talks to brides.

Almost every wedding Sarah and I have to sit down with someone in the wedding party and tell them that everything is coming together. “You’re right on track. You have all the pieces, and we are going to put them together for you. You can do this, we know it’s going to be an incredible day!”

2 – “If you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em!”

There comes a point in every wedding that Sarah and I get to take a step back and look out on the crowd of people mulling around the reception hall. They’re admiring the design of the floral arrangements, getting excited for their candy guest favors, looking through the guestbook to find other names they know, or (my favorite) getting jiggy-with-it on the dance floor. (Yep. I just said “jiggy”.)

When everything is set and the reception is flowing exactly as it should, we grab a bite to eat, get some much needed coffee, and sometimes we have a chance to rock out to a Whitney Houston song or two. For J-Lo, it was the Greek wedding that was so excited and wrapped up in their celebration, that they started smashing all the fine china! Normally, this would have called for a major “code red” moment, but as she told her assistant, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” *Commence plate smashing*

3 – “Well, somebody stole my lucky mic. I can’t sing without my lucky mic.”the-wedding-planner-lucky mic


Alright, this one is a little less common, but it still DEFINITELY happens. You know the mother in this movie? She insists throughout the ENTIRE film that she must have her lucky mic so she can sing at the wedding. To which the bride replies each time: “Mother, you are NOT singing at the wedding!”  We aren’t saying that we hid the lucky mic like J-Lo did…but we also can’t deny it. The key is listening carefully, nodding when it is appropriate, and then following the bride’s instructions to the letter, at all costs. No one else.

4 – “You know those who can’t, teach? Those who can’t wed, plan.”


I can’t tell you how many times Sarah and I are asked at weddings….”How are you two not married?” “Do you have boyfriends?”  “Are you planning your own wedding too?” Our good friend J-Lo heard the same thing, so she came up with the perfect response, and boy do we use it.

Now for the record, that’s not the reason we became wedding planners in the first place; but it’s nice to have a response when we’re asked the same question for the fifteenth time in a season.


This is the J-Lo we strive to be…


…and this is the J-Lo we typically embody.

So here’s to you Miss Lopez! Here’s to your endless dreaming, your
rnally perfect hair, your persistent work ethic, and your always on point style. If Sarah and I are half as graceful and poised as you are during weddings, we’ll be thankful and honored.

Cheers from your very own J-Lo’s,





Photography Credit: Faithful Photography

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  • Karissa says:


    Totally checking out your site now that I know THIS EXISTS, and I love it! Also, this article is *on point*.

    – Karissa, from the upstairs desk.

    • GrandOccasionsGr says:

      Thanks for taking a look Karissa! It was only a matter of time until we wrote about the very movie that inspired our dream. 🙂

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