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November 2015

Just Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

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I seriously can’t think of a time when Monica and I looked at each other and said, “Why are we doing this?” but I can remember a time or two (ok, maybe every-other day) when we look at each other and say, “HOW ARE WE DOING THIS?”   On any given day I can be found running around, coffee in hand, in one of my (most likely) 3 wardrobe changes of the day. If it was up to me, I would be working in my Grand Nook (the fabulous desk space in my room I’ve recently created – pics to come soon!), sipping my Costa Rican coffee, while networking with fellow wedding vendors, researching wedding trends, learning floral arranging, getting ahead on our social media, answering emails at normal times of the day, actually blogging at leisure, and the list goes on. As much as I love sitting here, blogging in my…

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4 Moments from "The Wedding Planner" that Actually Happen at Weddings

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  “So you’re like a real life J-Lo, right?!” Proudly we respond with, “Actually…YES!”   It’s one of those things you always wonder about. Is it really like that? Is being a wedding planner really as glamorous as it sounds? Do you really meet the love of your life while trying to save your precious Gucci shoes? Is it really better to just eat the brown M&M’s? And for the love of all things, how does her hair always look so darn perfect?!  We’ve always been inspired by Miss Lopez and her amazing ability to make wedding planning look effortless. What a woman! (We totally have a little mini “wedding-planner-crush” on her style, grace, and pizzazz!) So we wanted to dish. Here are 4 moments in “The Wedding Planner” that actually happen in weddings. 1 – “You are exquisite. You’re timeless. And you have the love of a man named…

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Three Ways to Simplify Your Wedding

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You’re engaged. You’ve finally met that special someone that you can’t live without. Now starts the implementation of all the ideas you’ve had since you were nine! The big white dress with the sparkle embroidered bodice, the gold rimmed chargers with navy blue napkins, the luscious green garden topped with a gorgeous floral archway. It’s all there….in your head at least. You start bouncing ideas off friends and family members, email some potential venues, look at some color schemes for real; and then, without warning, it starts to become cloudy. Your once clear vision becomes a foyer for everyone to place their ideas at your feet and suddenly you can’t find yours anymore! So let’s get back to the basics; to what YOU want. Here are 3 SIMPLE ways to bring back your day, the way you want it: simple. 1 – Stop asking for everyone’s input. I get it,…

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