Do I Need A Month-of Coordinator?

We get asked this question all the time. I mean, what do we do, anyway, right? Here’s a brief glimpse of what our job looks like…

A month before your wedding date, when everything in your head gets cloudy, your mom’s anxiety becomes profoundly tangible, and your fiance has suggested for 378th time that you should just throw in the towel and elope already…we are here. We swoop in and start bringing all that chaos into order. We’ll get all your vendor info, your processional order, your decor details, and create your entire weekend itinerary. We’ll give our best advice, and walk through every piece of your wedding, minute by minute. 

From there, we will confirm times and places with all your vendors, family members, and bridal party. We make sure everyone is on the same literal page before wedding weekend begins.

On your big day, we run the show. We make sure everything is in place, we direct vendors, we answer questions, we solve any issues,  and we make sure you ENJOY. We are there for a bobby pin or a tissue, to cue you down the aisle and oversee the set up, to pick up goose poop and chase down lost caterers (it’s happened, people!), and to keep the night running as smooth as possible.  We’ll keep the night moving along and manage clean up efforts, and make sure you have everything you need as you’re whisked away on your honeymoon!

We are there for you, so your “happily ever after” can be everything you’ve ever dreamed. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond, and we’ve gotten pretty good at thinking on our feet. Most of all, if you let us, we would be honored, thrilled, and humbled to play a part on this monumental day of yours. 

Cheers to organizing all the details, 

Sarah, Monica & Ellie

Cover Photo Photography Credit: Katie Fox-Webb
Blog Photography Credit: Devin Hendrick Photography
GO Team Photography Credit: Rachel Kaye Photography

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  • Ruth says:

    These ladies are worth their weight in gold. I would not have made it through my daughter’s wedding day without their clear and organized planning and their exemplary work ethic. They were there when the doors opened and stayed until we walked out at the end of the night. They made the day a wonderful and stress free memory.

  • GrandOccasionsGr says:

    Ruth, thank you so much for your kind words! We loved every minute of Tara & Evan’s beautiful vintage wedding. So thankful that day was as wonderful to you as it was to us!

  • Rochelle says:

    These girls do quality work- and so classy too!

    Everything they put their mind to and hands on is done with amazing attention to detail, I love working with them!
    Thanks for making my priorities YOUR priorities, Sarah! (And for such a reasonable rate, too)!

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