We are pretty confident that behind every great business, there is an incredible graphic designer. Ours is Catherine. She’s absolutely everything, including our new best friend. Re-branding takes patience, ya’ll, especially when you’re dealing with two high-strung perfectionists like ourselves (three cheers for Cat, everyone!).

When Monica and I started this adventure a little over a year ago, we had no idea what we were doing. Grand Occasions was a pipe dream on our notebooks in the back corner of Clique Coffee Bar. We were two twenty-somethings with crappy day jobs and empty bank accounts who wanted to do something great. I wanted creativity, she wanted organization, I dreamed of wedding colors and floral arrangements, she dreamed of timelines and spreadsheets. And, being the hopeless romantics that we are, we both dreamed about playing a vital role in happy couple’s love stories.

So here we are, 13 months and 11 days later. Monica is managing our budget and editing itineraries; I’m sketching stylized wedding shoots and decorating anything and everything I can get my hands on. We’ve coordinated 12 weddings, and have booked 13. We’ve created 3 style shoots, and booked 5. We’ve had 2 (phenomenal) interns and 1 (perfectly dynamic) team member. We’ve come so much farther than we could have ever imagined.

Sure, there were and will always be rough patches (tip: don’t let Sarah near the budget, and don’t let Monica near the centerpieces). But we are the perfect combination of “Type A” and “Type B,” and both as stubborn as ever.

We are in this for the long hall (pun intended) and could not be more excited to begin our second year of business.

So here’s to the beginning of year number two, the beginning of regular blog posts (fingers crossed), and the beginning of our re-branded self!

Cheers to all the mushy love stuff,


We had a professional team photoshoot at the end of the summer wedding season (thank you, Faithful Photography!) and this is what happens when you’re best friends first, and business partners second…just too classic not to share.

Grand Occasions Headshots 2015 FOR PRINT-193Grand Occasions Headshots 2015 FOR PRINT-194Grand Occasions Headshots 2015 FOR PRINT-195
p.s. If you’re ever in need of a fabulous graphic designer (and we mean seriously talented), get in touch with Cat! Be sure to tell her the classy ladies at Grand Occasions sent you 🙂


Beautifully Noted creates custom designs that inspire. Catherine specialize in wedding design, but welcomes any design requests! To get started, just fill out website contact form or email her directly at [email protected]!

p.s.s. If you’re ever in need of a website wizard, get in touch with our main man, Taylor. He loves that crazy code crap, and he accepts tips in the form of Diet Coke.

Taylor Swayze

[email protected]


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  • Emily says:

    You ladies are top-notch. It is not only easy and professional when working with you, but a joy! I get so excited to open an email or read a text from you. I can’t wait to see what God has for you in the short and long-term… so don’t grow weary in well-doing!

    • GrandOccasionsGr says:

      Emily, we are so thankful for you! We are so blessed to know you and privileged to work with Faithful Photography! Thanks for all your support, friend. The best is yet to come 🙂

  • Ellie says:

    This team is more than a bride-to-be could ever ask for! I was one of the interns for GO and it has honestly changed my life. I consider Sarah and Monica to be my best friends and it was an honor to work with them. I learned so much about myself, event planning, and I am excited to continue being with the GO team in any respect possible.
    Since I am recently engaged, there was no one else I would turn to to help me plan my happily ever after with Mr. Wonderful other than these two lovelies. They are the absolute best – I can’t wait to continue working with you as a client!

    • GrandOccasionsGr says:

      We love you, Ellie! You bring tears to our eyes! So honored to be a part of your personal wedding planning journey, and have you as part of our team. Thank you for your work ethic and commitment, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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