Wedding Trends of 2015

2015. Your wedding year. So many details to figure out, appointments to make, people to contact, themes to solidify. Take a deep breath. We are here to help! Take a moment, grab some chocolate, curl up under a thick blanket, and take a peek into what we at Grand Occasions think will be the biggest trends of 2015. Who knows, maybe your greatest wedding idea will be in the next few paragraphs…

Snapshots of 2015

Cascading bouquets of permeable blooms seem to invite one’s senses into a flurry of activity.

Naked towered and tiered cakes adorn the dessert tables of weddings across the country.

Intricately detailed dresses made of aged lace and flowing tulle sweep across the floors of well-trafficked venues.

Sparkling diamonds and shimmering metals flash on the hands of newlyweds and guests alike.

What do all of these diverse details have in common? They are the hottest trends of 2015.


Pretty in Purple

Rich lapis. Light lavender. Deep Eggplant. Soft raspberry. Succulent blueberry.  Purples of all shades are taking the stage in weddings across the nation as this year sets up to be the best wedding season to date!  As one graces the pages of Pinterest  and bridal magazines, purple is the most popular color this season. From flowers, to table runners, to chargers, to show color, 50+ shades of purple are growing in popularity. Now one doesn’t need to have a full-out purple-fest in every detail of the wedding (if this sounds like your big day-do it up!). You can have subtle accents of purple in table decorations, or cake fondant, or even floral arrangements. String purple into your wedding in little accents for a pop of royal color.


Bare Naked Cakes

Now before you go getting any preconceived ideas, naked cakes are a new trend that is just as cost effective as it is gorgeous. The idea behind these delectable cakes is the lack of frosting, fondant, or decorations coating the actual cake. The body of the cake shows through to the outermost face of the cake and gives the dessert a rustic, natural feel. This cake trend is taking over all themes of weddings from black-tie to backyard beauty. All that matters in the end is the flavor…no wait. I meant the way you shove the first piece into your lover’s mouth!


Dressed to Impress

Now to one of my favorite parts of the wedding industry-dresses. From flowing princess gowns to lace A-line beauties, dresses of all shapes, patterns, and fabrics are the focus of the bride to be. This year, in particular, is seeing a trend in two popular material: lace and tulle over-skirts.

Lace is taking old-fashioned yet modern brides by storm as a way to stay connected to the simplicity of the past but the sheer beauty of the present. It’s a great mixture for any bride looking to feel a natural mix of sensuality and chic.

The tulle over-skirt is exponentially gaining popularity of designers around the globe and therefore the hearts of brides around here. This piecey look gives the bride an elongated body shape as well as a sense of whimsical sweetness all wrapped up in one look!


The last topic is regarding the sparkling rocks on women’s ring finger. Diamonds are definitely a girls best friend (besides her future hubby of course) and that’s why so much time (and money) is spent on rings. For this year, uniqueness seems to be the underlying theme. Oval, marquise,  tear drop, cushion
, big, and small are all showing their glamorous importance. So whatever your theme or personal style, make sure that your ring matches you to a tee-and sparkles like your personality.


Short bio

My name is Ellie Henry and I am an aspiring Wedding Planner/Events Coordinator. For as long as I can remember I have had a deep fascination with weddings and the idea of love. Along with this proving interest, I am as organized as they get and a self-proclaimed OCD. So naturally I knew that if I could find a career where weddings and organization go hand in hand, I would flourish and truly love what I do. Now I’m not a professional by any means and I’m only voicing what I’ve seen to be popular in today’s society, but I hope I can give you a glimpse of what this year of weddings is going to look like and maybe you can pull some ideas and inspiration from this post. Infusing your own flair and personality into your wedding is one of the most important things to make your special day one to remember. And with the help of Sarah and Monica at Grand Occasions, we can make it a day you’ll never forget so you can have your perfect happily ever after.

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