When it comes to planning your special wedding fiesta, party size matters. The length of your guest list will dictate to which category a large portion of your wedding budget will be applied, and this category is “venue.” If you’re already thinking of a small gathering for a small budget, but think a destination wedding is out of the question, think again. Thanks to women from all over the world compiling their inside tips and tricks, there are loads of resources available that aid in planning glamorous weddings for an affordable price, even for weddings across the sea. So if you’ve ever once wished for sand between your pedicured toes or a foreign breeze billowing your delicate veil, then put ‘Destination Wedding’ back in your dream bucket and listen up.

There are actually some extremely affordable, want-to-cry-gorgeous venues out there ideal for a small number of invites and for small number in the wallet. A surprising source of these locations is actually Airbnb.com, the blossoming rental site that’s changing how we book trips these days. What’s nice about these “venues” is that they come including kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, because, ultimately, you’re renting out a house.

Traditional wedding venues typically come complete with tables and chairs for anywhere between $1,000- $3,000, and that’s usually not including catering service. While having a small wedding in general will help cut your costs, spending that venue budget on flight tickets instead that will double as your honeymoon trip is an excellent re-channeling of funds. Air BnB homes even offer the possibility of housing your wedding-day witnesses, and they can help pay for it because it saves them a size-able hotel bill! In an article by PopSugar, a list of beautiful foreign homes are compiled and priced, including several spots in Mexico, Italy, and Bali for under $300. Yes, for under $300. This may leave the chairs and tables costing extra, but getting venue and honeymoon in one will leave some extra left over to cover those necessities, and with the absolute beauty of surroundings, you’ll save all that money you’d set aside for decorating the plain-looking building you were considering. Wedding planners such as Grand Occasions will handle all the rental details for you anyway, saving you stress and money. That’s the best package deal.

Are you intrigued yet? Check out Air BnB, Pop Sugar , and Grand Occasions, and we won’t even mention the possible swoon-worthy wedding photos.

– By Sarah Parsell (3/16/15)

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