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March 2015

Destination: Wedding

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     When it comes to planning your special wedding fiesta, party size matters. The length of your guest list will dictate to which category a large portion of your wedding budget will be applied, and this category is “venue.” If you’re already thinking of a small gathering for a small budget, but think a destination wedding is out of the question, think again. Thanks to women from all over the world compiling their inside tips and tricks, there are loads of resources available that aid in planning glamorous weddings for an affordable price, even for weddings across the sea. So if you’ve ever once wished for sand between your pedicured toes or a foreign breeze billowing your delicate veil, then put ‘Destination Wedding’ back in your dream bucket and listen up. There are actually some extremely affordable, want-to-cry-gorgeous venues out there ideal for a small number of invites and…

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Wedding Trends of 2015

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2015. Your wedding year. So many details to figure out, appointments to make, people to contact, themes to solidify. Take a deep breath. We are here to help! Take a moment, grab some chocolate, curl up under a thick blanket, and take a peek into what we at Grand Occasions think will be the biggest trends of 2015. Who knows, maybe your greatest wedding idea will be in the next few paragraphs… Snapshots of 2015 Cascading bouquets of permeable blooms seem to invite one’s senses into a flurry of activity. Naked towered and tiered cakes adorn the dessert tables of weddings across the country. Intricately detailed dresses made of aged lace and flowing tulle sweep across the floors of well-trafficked venues. Sparkling diamonds and shimmering metals flash on the hands of newlyweds and guests alike. What do all of these diverse details have in common? They are the hottest trends…

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